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Kokone Sasaki

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The goal is to understand your true self before launching an action plan. Deep realizations about yourself don’t come all in one sitting. Be your own ethnographer for a month. One of the people that I admire most in the world is Jane Goodall. Imagine Jane sitting in the forest, looking at those chimpanzees with compassion and curiosity. Take on her kind tone and attitude while observing yourself. Be gentle and curious but never judgmental. This is very hard for us to do because we’re always talking shit to ourselves.

Take a notebook and notice every time you get excited about something. It doesn’t have to be a big moment or work related… Just write it down each time—no judgments. What happens over the course of the month is you start seeing some patterns. It gives you a peek into your authenticity and things that energize you. When your whole body lights up with joy, it’s really trying hard to tell you something—it’s saying, “hey, this is important, please pay attention.”


You need to spend time understanding who you truly are before you forge a path. If you’re making plans based on other people’s perception of you or the perception of yourself that you want to project based on some external force, you’ll always end up in the wrong place.



Advice to those just starting out on a creative path from Sharon Ann Lee, one of the most brilliant people I know – a fine addition to our ongoing archive of life-advice.

Complement with how to find your purpose and do what you love

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Strawberry Milk [via The Lab Magazine]


Strawberry Milk [via The Lab Magazine]

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Magazine: Near East Magazine #1
Photographer: Robi Rodriguez
Model: Valerija Kelava 

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We Sweat At Home
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Photographer: Thomas Churchwell

Models : Nyasia Sylvester & Barbie Bentton

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